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Meeting of Executive board of the 17th Congress on Cardiovascular Updates with Medical equipment, Pharmaceutical and Imaging companies

According to the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis office of public relation, a meeting of 50 medical equipment, pharmaceutical and imaging companies with Chairman of the Congress Dr. Masoud Ghasemi, Scientific Secretary Dr. Masoud Eslami and Executive Secretary Ms. Mazidi hold on June 11th2015.  

Chairman of the Congress welcomed the delegates of the medical equipment, pharmaceutical and imaging companies first and also appreciated support of this group in congresses of the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis. He described some details of the 17th Congress and its differences with previous congresses including increase in the number of local and foreign lecturers and more focus on presenting countrys medical improvements. 

Then Scientific Secretary described some topics about arrangement procedure of scientific lectures and holding special workshops and also popularity of research and educational programs.      

Then Executive Secretary Ms. Mazidi, in addition of describing planning of the congress implementation by live show and emphasizing on more improvement in executive programs to increase quality and quantity of the congress related subjects that need support and cooperation of the sponsor companies, explained other topics in specific workshops implementation.

According to the usual rules of the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis congresses, companies negotiated regarding their required booth spaces and areas in order that a set of countrys cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment necessities to be available in a suitable way for attendants and visitors of the 17th Congress on Cardiovascular Updates.

The 17th Congress on Cardiovascular Updates will be held in the Razi International Symposiums Center from Sep 22nd  to 25th  , 2015. Interested persons may visit the or contact the society office phone number 88073052.

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